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Culture of Inclusion

Culture of Inclusion

The City of Mińsk Mazowiecki took part in a very important program Culture of inclusion. The idea behind the project is the cooperation of cultural operators, local government units, non-governmental organizations and educational institutions in the field of inclusive education, i.e. the full inclusion of people with disabilities in social and cultural life. Inclusive education is an increasingly used model of working with people with special educational needs. Its success depends on the integrated activities of many institutions, including cultural institutions.
The main objective of the project is to promote the full inclusion of people with disabilities in social and cultural life. Inclusive culture is of particular importance in the context of learning throughout life. Its essence is to overcome barriers to participation in culture, to show healthy people what disability is, as well as having fun together.
The project was possible thanks to the cooperation with the Mazovia Institute of Culture
In the video you can see shots from different events within a project:
-    workshops for primary school students on audio description.
-    rugby in wheelchairs – a  match with the local rugby team
-    workshop for educators
-    theatre play



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