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  • Opening of the alleys of partner cities in the city park

    Opening of the alleys of partner cities in the city park


    In order to express our gratitude for a very successful cooperation and in recognition of our foreign partners as part of our Minsk community, the avenues in the city park were named after partner cities. During the opening, live music was performed by Arkadiusz Żarek. Delicious refreshments of dishes characteristic of these countries were served.


  • Europe Prize - "Plaque of Honor"

    Europe Prize - "Plaque of Honor"


    We are happy to share information about the exceptional award. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe awarded our city - the "Plaque of Honor" award.


  • Check this out!

    Check this out!


    Greg visited Mińsk Mazowiecki and showed the city with his eyes. What caught his attention! What surprised him? Check this out!  
    Katarzyna Wiącek, a teacher of English, designed lesson plans to two videos out of the series. We are very grateful and hope you will  Check them out!
    Enjoy English!


  • Sister Cities Agreement

    Sister Cities Agreement


    On March 9, 2005, mayors Zbigniew Grzesiak and Virgil Clarkson signed a sister City agreement between Lacey in the United States and Mińsk Mazowiecki. Hanna and Jacek Anuszewski were the initiators of the cooperation.

    With nostalgia we recall all common activities, visits, meetings and talks What have we done so far? We have organized the orchestra's stay from North Thurston High School in Mińsk Mazowiecki twice and the Swim team to Poland swimming competition...

  • International cooperation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    International cooperation during the COVID-19 pandemic.


    International cooperation during the pandemic is difficult, but not impossible. Deputy Mayor Eliza Bujalska talked to   representatives of the departments of culture and foreign affairs from the Czech Republic, France, Lithuania and Poland during a virtual meeting on 2nd March.

    Friends from the United States and Belarus weren't present, but the zoom talks with tchem will be scheduled in the near future.

    As a result of international talks a virtual photo exhibition has been planned. Each country is supposed to take 10 photos portraying life during the pandemic. The photos will be exchanged and presented on one another partner cities' webpages.



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