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Europe Prize - "Plaque of Honor"

We are happy to share information about the exceptional award. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe awarded our city - the "Plaque of Honor" award.
The Council of Europe appreciated the activities of our city strengthening European values, such as: solidarity, equality, tolerance and cooperation in various areas of civic activity. Mińsk Mazowiecki is a laureate of three awards as part of the Europe Prize. Each stage of the competition requires greater quality and variety of activities building a community and European identity. The highest award of the actions of local governments is the "Prize of Europe" award, which is awarded to only one city in Europe.
We are the only city in Poland that has been awarded this unique award this year. In Europe, the Plaque of Honor was given to three more cities: France, Germany and Kyiv, Ukraine. Congratulations!
This award is a success for our entire local community. We are glad that we are achieving such distinctions together and that we are appreciated by important European institutions. We would like to thank everyone for their openness, commitment and initiatives!


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