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The final of the 600th anniversary celebrations - the ceremonial session of the City Council

The ceremonial session of the City Council was one of the most important events ending the city's 600th anniversary. Important in many ways. Firstly, the mayors of four partner cities and delegations participated in it. The mayors of the cities of Lacey, Saint-Égrève, Telšiai and Krnov signed a declaration of cooperation, solidarity and self-government. The content of the document was developed jointly, and its provisions were agreed with all mayors who, by signing, undertook to provide mutual support and assistance. The declaration was a formal complement to the partnership and good relations that come true every day. It is worth mentioning the solidarity of the partner cities in the face of the support of the residents of Borodianka in the war-torn Ukraine. Such actions show that the partnership makes a lot of sense. It is not only a cultural exchange but also a real help to others in need. Each of the mayors also had an opportunity to personally congratulate the city on the jubilee.
Moreover, the titles of honorary and meritorious citizens of the city were awarded. These were extremely touching moments. The titles were awarded for selfless work for the city. The awarded demonstrate their love for the town through voluntary work and involvement in the social and cultural life of the city.
During his speech, Mayor Marcin Jakubowski referred to the wisdom of writers who have their stars in the Avenue of Literature Stars in our city. He also recalled the words of the ambassador of the jubilee, Krystyna Gucewicz, who encouraged reflection on the future of the city and investing in young people. The mayor of the city wished all residents that Mińsk Mazowiecki would become their place on earth.

The ceremony was graced by an artistic performance by Zespołu Pieśni i Tańca "Dąbrówka". The young artists' performance of the song "Give your hand to Ukraine" moved the guests gathered at the City Art School. Unfortunately, there was no delegation from Ukraine at the meeting of friends. However, the mayor of Borodianka sent the inhabitants of Minsk Mazowiecki greetings and congratulations on the anniversary in the form of a short film. Certainly, this moment will be remembered by everyone. We hope that we will celebrate the next jubilee with the full team.


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