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Opening of the alleys of partner cities in the city park

In order to express our gratitude for a very successful cooperation and in recognition of our foreign partners as part of our Minsk community, the avenues in the city park were named after partner cities. During the opening, live music was performed by Arkadiusz Żarek. Delicious refreshments of dishes characteristic of these countries were served.
The mayors: Andy Ryder (Lacey, US), Tomáš Hradil (Krnov), Kęputis Gusarovas (Telšiai), Laurent Amadieu (Saint-Égrève) and Sofija Żukowa - a representative from Borodianka, accompanied by mayor Marcin Jakubowski and the guests of the event, thanked our community for the initiative.
The employees of Zakład Gospodarki Komunalnej took care of the beautiful plants around the signs with the names of the cities, embellished them by planting flowers in the colors of the flags of the partner countries. The City Public Library has prepared information boards about our partner cities.
The Ruta Transport Company  has funded an information sign dedicated to Borodianka. The President of the company Wojciech Ruta actively and generously supports aid activities for Ukraine,
And this gesture proved once again that our guests from the East  are not alone and have allies in Minsk Mazowiecki. We are very grateful for the cooperation.


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