Miasto Mińsk Mazowiecki



Yesterday - Today – Tomorrow Parade

When we made a decision a year ago regarding the celebration of the 600th anniversary of the Mińsk Mazowiecki, it was known how many initiatives will be in armorial - blue and yellow colors. A few weeks before the celebrations closing the jubilee year, the same colors became synonymous with the struggle for independence of the heroic inhabitants of Ukraine for the inhabitants of Minsk, Poles, Europeans and citizens of the free world.

The six hundredth jubilee ended with a series of cultural events. One of the main elements of them was a colorful parade showing the changes in the city during the six centuries of its existence. There are six primary schools in the city and we asked the community of each of them to present Minsk at a selected age. Each of the primary schools on Saturday, May 27th, went from their residence to the square in front of the building of the Starostwo Powiatowe. There, the participants of the Parade were welcomed by the mayor, Marcin Jakubowski. Then they all went to the courtyard of the Dernałowicz Palace, where the anniversary celebrations continued.

It was a colorful, spectacular and joyful resume of the centuries-old history of the town on Srebrna Street. We have shown how strongly connected is the history and culture of Minsk and Republic of Poland. We wanted not only to look at the city from one hundred, two hundred and six hundred years ago, but also we demonstrated how its former glory looks today and what opportunities will have in the future. The members of the University of the Third Age also presented themselves beautifully. Thank you for the artistic program devoted to the music of the partner countries. Until the end of the event, participants could also listen to a mini-concert by Edyta Szubińska with the band. The artistic part was conducted by Mr. Marcin Błądziński. Employee of the Municipal Cultural Center.

The Parade was not only to be watched and admired, it was a manifestation of unity and community. Numerous organizations, sports clubs, institutions and the city orchestra took part in it.
The Parade became a bridge between the past and the future of the city and its inhabitants, which we saw in the fullness of joy, goodness and freedom.
The event was attended by our guests from Ukraine, who found shelter and a chance for a normal, peaceful life due to inhabitants of Minsk. We were glad to see them. We would like to thank the inhabitants of the city for their help and kindness.
We are proud of the past and look to the future with hope.
The future we want must be full of freedom and peace. The future is blue and yellow.

Many thanks to the coordinators of the event: the Director of Primary School 1 im. Mikołaja Kopernika -  Tomasz Ciechańskiand the Director of Muzeum Ziemi Mińskiej, Leszek Celej. We would like to thank the school communities for their enormous work, creativity and presence.
We would also like to extend our thanks to the security services, Powiatowa Komenda Policji, , Zarząd Dróg Miejskich, Straż Miejska. Thanks to their help, the Parade could take place safely.
Your presence was a great joy for us. We sincerely thank all participants.


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