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Krnov, Czech Republic
Krnov, a town in the northeastern Czech Republic. It lies on confluence of the rivers Opava and Opavice, near the Polish border. From 1938 to 1945 it was one of the municipalities in Sudetenland. Its history reaches up to 13th century when Krnov acquired city rights. The area is inhabited almost without any interruptions since the stone age.  It is  a summer resort and a winter sport area with close access to the Jeseníky Mountains. The city was founded in 1221 and served as the capital of an independent duchy from 1377 to 1523. Krnov has an 18th-century castle, several churches and abbeys as well as a lookout tower from 1903. The Krnov Synagogue is one of the few large synagogues to have survived the Nazi occupation of Europe. Krnov has two rail stations, central station and rail station called Cvilin. In Krnov is factory producing cola-based drink Kofola. One of the big local companies makes organs (musical instrument).

Saint Egreve, France
The city of Saint-Égrève is located in the south east of France, it is a part of the district of Grenoble. The population of Saint-Égrève is 15 432 in 2007.

Lacey, The US
Situated on the southern tip of Puget Sound in the shadow of magnificent Mt. Rainier, Lacey lies in the center of a natural paradise. Five freshwater lakes within the city, miles of hiking and biking paths, several championship golf courses, more than 1,200 acres of public parkland, and the adjoining 3,700-acre Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge provide residents with virtually unlimited opportunities for outdoor recreation. Clean air, clean water, outstanding schools, a low crime rate, a healthy economy, and close proximity to major metropolitan areas make our community one of the most desirable places in the country to live and conduct business.

Borodianka, Ukraine
Borodianka, is an urban-type settlement in Kiev Oblast (province) of Ukraine. Population in 2013 was 13,135. The town is located on a river Zdvyzh which is a right tributary of Teteriv River. In 1863 Borodianka became known for its anti-Muscovite uprising led by Władysław Żeleński as part of the January Uprising. On 8 November 1943 Borodianka was liberated by the Soviet regiments of 75th Guards Rifle Division from the occupation of Nazi Germany.

Telsiai, Lithuania
Telšiai is a city in Lithuania with about 25,000 inhabitants. It is the capital of Telšiai County and Samogitia region, and it is located on the shores of Lake Mastis.
Telšiai is one of the oldest cities in Lithuania, probably dating earlier than the 14th century. Between the 15th and 20th centuries, Telšiai became a district capital and between 1795 and 1802 it was included in the Vilnius Governorate. In 1873, Telšiai was transferred to the Kovno Governorate.




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