City of Minsk Mazowiecki



Mińsk Mazowiecki has more than six hundred years history which is preserved in monuments and modern buildings. These historical sites illustrate its  intense development in recent years. As the county seat Mińsk Mazowiecki stands as an administrative, cultural, and economic center for almost 150, 000 residents from thirteen different boroughs.

There are many positive attributes of the city worth noticing. First, Mińsk Mazowiecki is conveniently located along both the main national and international roads. Second, the city is close to the capital city of Warsaw. To the west of the city there is a bypass for a transit transport, which is a part of the A2 motorway joining the east and west. Commuters can use a friendly parking lot, a “Park and Go” option, and two train stops make travelling pleasurable and convenient. Mińsk Mazowiecki also offers its inhabitants loads of cultural events to enjoy.

The city belongs to a zone known as Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone which allows preferential conditions/terms for businesses in the area. Along with a great road infrastructure and an area development plan the city makes a perfect place for investors.
We do our best to meet  inhabitants’ needs and expectations offering a wide array of sporting, cultural  and leisure opportunities. We are proud of our  modern library, an aquapark, a skate rink, sport fields, a football stadium, and tennis courts. One of the most beautiful parks and palace in the Mazovian district, with a multimedia fountain, enriches the city image.

Mińsk Mazowiecki cares about its families and they can be sure to get a lot of support from the city. Parents are guaranteed that their children will be  accepted in both public and private kindergartens and nurseries which are subsidized by the city.
We take a great pride in army units which are based in Mińsk Mazowiecki. Three main armed forces: Special Military Police Unit, Training Center of the Military Police and The 23rd  Tactical Air Base serve the city and nation.

We are honoured to cooperate with different partner cities all over the world:  Saint Egreve in France, Telsiai in Lithuania, Krnov in Czech Republic, Lacey in the US and Borodianka in Ukraine. We are on friendly terms with Karben in Germany, Cori in Italy and Ramonville in France.

You are welcome to visit our burgeoning and lively city. Everyone will be welcomed with hospitality and warmth. We hope to create possibilities and friendly facilities for visitors and residents alike to help them meet their dreams of leading happy and productive lives.               

Mayor of Mińsk Mazowiecki
Marcin Jakubowski

«June 2024»


Urząd Miasta
Mińsk Mazowieck
ul. Konstytucji 3 Maja 1
05-300 Mińsk Mazowiecki
tel. +48 25 759 53 00, 11
fax +48 25 758 40 25


poniedziałek / wtorek / czwartek
środa 8.00-17.00
piątek 8.00-15.00

Kasa czynna jest:
poniedziałek / wtorek / czwartek
środa 8.00-15.30
piątek 8.00-15.00


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